Layher’s Keder Roof has long proven itself a great success. but with the
Keder Roof XL, Layher is setting new standards for temporary roofing over
construction sites or stages. Where roofs are often limited to a 20 metre
span for structural strength reasons, the Keder Roof XL comes into its
own. Taking into account requirements to cope with local weather
conditions, it can be built with a span of up to 40 metres!
The Layher Keder Roof XL is based on Aluminium Lattice beams 750 with
integrated Keder section in the top chord.
The Layher Keder Roof has many areas of application, ranging from the
roofing during the addition of storeys and the repair of timber roofs
and coverings, weather protection for new structures, refurbishment
work on motorways and over bridges, and numerous applications for
events and normal work.

Roof widths up to 40 m.
High snow loads (up to about 1.0 kN/m²) with medium spans.
faster and easier fitting of Keder tarpaulins.
Compatible with all Layher scaffolding systems.
Material and load bearing-capactity tables are available to
ease the planning.
Double-pitch, mono-pitch and polygonal barrel roofs are possible


Whether on a rapidly advancing construction site or under cramped
conditions, you can get Layher’s protective roofs rolling to where the
action is with only a few extra components.
flexibility and economy to the highest degree with mobile roofs from


The mobile roof can be moved section by section to match the construction
progress and only covers the area being worked on at the time.
That makes it unnecessary to build a protective roof over the entire site.
Slight variations in the alignment of the rails can be compensated with
a transverse adjustment on the trolley.
The bay width of the roof is independent from the bay widths of the
support scaffolding – giving you much more flexibility when assembling.
for example, openings can be achieved by simply sliding the roof apart.
Also overlapping roofs are possible.
The individual bays of the roof can be set down at a certain location with
the crane, joined together, and then moved to its final destination.


Layher cassette roofs have established themselves as a firm favourite at
construction sites for conversion, renovation and restoration. The
structure itself and all the equipment is protected during the conversion
or roof repair and normal business operations can continue under a
secure roof. If weatherproofing is the aim then there are many reasons to choose the Layher cassette roof system.

Economical thanks to top-class technology
A sophisticated, proven construction consisting of high-quality
components, specially equipped for recurrent, changing assembly and
dismantling operations.

Long, useful service life
The Layher cassette roof is almost indestructible. Its practical design
coupled with the chosen materials are key reasons making it an
investment that will retain its value over many years. The use of
cassette roof girders ensures rapid assembly. The roof trusses are
assembled astonishingly quickly at ground level, then mounted on the
Cassette Roof supporting structure using a crane. The roof cassettes for the
intermediate bays are inserted into the channel section and locked
in place with clamping plates and wedges. That’s all there is to it!
No tensioning or tying is required. The cassettes act as bracing elements. Only every second bay is assembled as a so-called truss bay, and there are no doubled roof trusses. This represents an additional saving of material and, consequently,
also of money and assembly time.

Economical modular system
Variable roof areas are possible thanks to the well-conceived section
lengths of the roof trusses and the U-shaped top chord.

Vast spans
Depending on the static system and the load, it is possible to create
roof structures with spans of more than 40 m.

Easy to open for material supply
To permit material supply to the site, the Layher cassette roof can be
opened at any location by simply removing one or more roof cassettes.
No crane is needed.

The Layher cassette roof does not require any specific substructure.
This means that no unwanted additional investments are required.
The Layher cassette roof can be mounted easily on almost any
scaffolding or other suitable substructure.

Total weatherproofing
Rainwater is excluded correctly thanks to the over-lapping, shaped roof
surface elements. This is a basic requirement for any weatherproofing


With the Protect System, Layher can supply a cassette enclosure system
which is compatible with the Layher Allround scaffolding and SpeedyScaf
systems and which meets requirements concerning environmental
protection and insulation from noise and weather.

It is an exceptionally economical solution which boasts Layher’s renowned quality:
Only a small number of individual parts, designed for frequent,
changing applications. Rapid, easy assembly in a simple, logical sequence.
The cassettes are designed for Layher axis dimensions (max. width:
3.07 m) and, with a height of 1.0 m, are very simple to assemble and
move into the scaffolding.
The surrounding rubber seal makes the cassette elements almost
dustproof (façade coating), vacuum-compatible (removal of asbestos),
waterproof (sandblasting work).
Electrostatically inert and therefore easy to clean.
To provide noise protection, it is possible to equip wall cassettes
(sound insulation value: 20 db) as sound insulation cassettes (sound
insulation value: 26 db) or use cassettes providing a higher level of
sound insulation.

Light cassettes permit work in daylight conditions within the enclosure.
Cassette elements exist for external and internal corners.
A specially developed connection rail is used to establish a connection
with the existing building or the ground.
Practical solutions for horizontal and vertical dimension compensation
are available.
Scaffolding with bay lengths of 2.57 m can be clad up to a height of 90 m
(in the case of 3.07 bay lengths, a height of 50 m is possible).

Access elements compatible with system and individual requirements are available.
Layher Protect System: a system which meets all environmental and safety requirements and prevents all risks.

Keder XL Movable Roof - Vilnius, Lithuania

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