The Layher Event System

Whether it‘s a sporting event, a concert or a theatre production Layher staging and seating system promise a successful performance for any event. It can be used for small or large, indoor or outdoor events and activities. Layher offers stages, stands, stairways, ramps, towers and roofs. The whole Layher Event-System bases on the Layher Allround Scaffolding System.

Layher Stages
The modular – designed Layher stages are ideal both indoors and outdoors. Layher stages always provide a safe play performance area that’s exactly what’s needed. The Event System offers you a wide range of possibilities for building stages.

Layher stands
Stages are equipped with a specially designed stage platforms that are non – slip and this makes the scene convenient and safe to use. Seating stands for public can be built on the basis of the Layher stage system. Depending on its use, it can be fitted with individual seats provided by others, with benches or folding seats.

Granatos Live'16 | Preparation

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